Post your pictures

Flickr is a popular free picture service from Yahoo. Below is for Google's free picture service: Picasa.

  • Go to Gmail and click on Photos in the upper left (or just go to
  • Sign in with your Gmail login if needed
  • Accept terms of service
  • You can upload stuff directly or you can download a program to install on your computer. The program is faster and more efficient but personally, I like not having to install extra stuff when I don't need to. It's just a personal preference though. I'll only address uploading via the browser here but the program shouldn't be too hard to figure out.
  • To upload your 1st photo: on the right side of the page, click the button that says Upload
  • Create your album. Continue
  • Click Browse. Find the photos on your computer to upload. Click Start Upload
  • When you're in an album, note the links on the left:
    Embed slideshow will create a small flash-based slideshow widget that you can put on your website.
    Link to this album will give you a link that you can email to others. There's also a bit of html code you can post on your site to, if you wish, create a link to your photo album online. Like the calendar, this will probably only work if the album's privacy level is set to Public.

Picasa gives you 1 GB of space for photos for free. You can also pay to upgrade (prices are here). You can make multiple albums and you can put up to 500 pictures in each album. 1 GB is more than enough for casual picture taking. For a point of reference: for our wedding, we had 1 official photographer and 2 family member guests who are avid photographers. In total, they all took almost 400 photos - all of professional quality (which means friggin' huge files) and it added up to about 1 GB. Also, not all of those pictures were reallyl worth keeping. There's just no reason to toss them out when you don't have to pay for prints and when hard drive space is dirt cheap.