Subdomain + host + blog like

This can only be done after getting a blog, purchasing a domain name, and purchasing a hosting package. See Blog, Buy domain, and Buy hosting for details.

This isn't a common scenerio but it's one I am using so I may as well put it here in case it's useful. I bought at GoDaddy. So that I could host my own files on, I went through the domain + host steps to get my domain name pointed at my host. Now and go to my hosted files on 1&1 and now manipulation of anything related to has to be done at 1&1. This includes setting up subdomains (eg: I set up the subdomain (see the steps below). I don't want hosted on 1&1 though. It's a Blogger (ie: Google) blog. At 1&1, I have a monthly limit of bandwidth I can use and a limit of filespace i can use. Also, Google is more stable and loads faster than 1&1. Blogger is also very easy software to use and is alrady set up. To set up something comparable on my own would take a bit of time. Therefore: I want to still host the blog on Blogger.

Here's how to do it:

  • Login to 1&1
  • Click Manage domains
  • Click the arrow next to New. Click Create Subdomain
  • Type jessica and select Click ok
  • Follow the same instructions as domain + blog to link a domain to a blog without hosting
Now I can do whatever I want on my host for and still have Blogger/Google host