Rosie Photos online

Online at Dropbox. This album is pretty much the same stuff as in Jessica's Facebook but for all of us without a Facebook account.


Robert's software downloads can be found here. Robert's blog is here: sHs was discontinued.

Calendar of Birthdays and Anniversaries

The calendar is below or you can also go here.

For a while I've been compiling a calendar of birthdays and anniversaries for friends and family. Feel free to distribute it to other friends/family who're interested. If you have Gmail or another Google account, I can share it with you directly in Google Calendar. Just let me know and I'll do so. Also please let me know of any dates I've omitted.

Jess's Blog

Jess's blog:
Meals with the McRackans

Just Right Menus

Recipe, meal, and menu planning software. This is a very recent work in progress: Just Right Menus

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