Resizable Calculator

A resizable calculator I made to replace the tiny one Windows came with.

Last updated May 6, 2008

Amortization Calculator

I made this amortization table calculator mostly to help out some relatives with some house payment planning. And partly, just for fun.

Last updated January 30, 2009
Download Amortization Calculator
Download the source code (C# 2.0)
Download the source code for single-assembly (C# 2.0) (requires ILMerge to be installed and correctly set up)

Enigma Simulator

An application that simulates the German World War II Enigma encryption machine.

The demo program was thrown together pretty fast and is rough at best. The real power is in the framework behind it. This framework supports any number of rotors, any number of notches, and any wiring for all rotors and the reflector. A lot of time went into making it as accurate and expandable as possible. In C#/.NET fashion, it is object-oriented and event-driven. For convenience, there is also a library of the rotors and reflectors which historically existed.

In Sept. '08, when we went to the National Cryptologic Museum at the NSA's Washington, DC campus, we got to use a real WWII Enigma machine. I coded the framework a while ago based solely on documentation found online. However, the accuracy has also now been tested again a real Enigma.

The demo is just a proof of concept for the framework. If you want to see a really incredible Enigma simulator, check out the one Dirk Rijmenants made at

Last updated Sept. 30, 2008
Download demo
Download the source code (C# 2.0)

Simple Calculator

A simple calculator that was made in 2 hours as part of a job interview coding test. Specs are included in each zip.

Last updated May 18, 2010
Download Simple Calculator
Download the source code (C# 3.5)

EZ Convert

An ingredient converter to increase or reduce quantities and get your answer back in kitchen-friendly units. Example: 1 tbsp / 3 = 1 tsp instead of 0.3333 tbsp.

Last updated August 23, 2010
Download EZ Convert
Download the source code (C# 3.5)